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Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction

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Posterior tibial tendonitis is a common foot condition that can affect residents of Marietta, Georgia, just like anywhere else. This condition, which involves inflammation of the posterior tibial tendon, can cause pain and discomfort along the inner side of the ankle and arch of the foot. If you're experiencing symptoms like this, it's crucial to seek help from a podiatrist in Marietta. A podiatrist can accurately diagnose the condition, develop a personalized treatment plan, and provide valuable guidance on managing posterior tibial tendonitis to ensure you can continue enjoying all that Marietta has to offer with comfort and ease!

Don't let foot and ankle pain slow you down!

The tibialis posterior muscle starts in the back of the lower leg, then passes behind the medial malleolus (inside of the ankle) and inserts into the navicular bone and a few other locations to the bottom of the foot. The tibialis posterior muscle is very important for inverting (turning in) and plantarflexing (turning down) the foot and ankle. It is also a vital muscle for stabilization and arch support.

Sometimes, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD) is called adult acquired flat foot. Once the pain and flattening start, it usually progresses and gets worse. Many patients with posterior tibial tendonits complain of flat feet, fallen arches, foot swelling, ankle swelling, pain while walking. It can eventually lead to foot arthritis as well.

As with all foot and ankle treatment, catching the problem early and treating early can increase the chances of successful outcomes. There are many different orthotics and insoles for flat feet, but it is vital to have the correct ones for your foot type. It is also possible to treat with medications, physical therapy, immobilization, and proper shoes.

Our Podiatrists might order an MRI, depending on the severity of the posterior tibial tendonitis. There are some instances where foot surgery is necessary to alleviate pain and fix the problem.

Severe posteiror tibial tendon dysfunction can also be caused by trauma!

Flat feet should be treated as early as possible! Our Podiatrists are also specialists with custom orthotics!