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Plantar Warts Specialist

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Plantar warts are unsightly and commonly appear on the heels and other parts of the feet. If you notice symptoms of plantar warts, book an appointment with the foot health experts at Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia - West Cobb in Marietta, Georgia. Led by board-certified podiatrists Ryan Goldfine, DPM and Shaynah Goldfine, DPM, the practice offers both surgical and nonsurgical treatment for safe and effective plantar wart removal. To speak with a foot doctor about a wart on your foot and plantar wart treatment, book an appointment by phone or online today.

Plantar Warts Q&A


What are warts?

Wart on foot or plantar warts are rough, fleshy growths that can develop on your feet. Warts can affect any area of your feet, but they typically affect your heels and weight-bearing areas like the base of your toes. Although warts usually aren’t a serious health concern, they’re unattractive and can be difficult to treat on your own. 

In some cases, warts can cause pain or discomfort when walking or standing. If left untreated, painful plantar warts can lead you to alter the way you walk, leading to complications with your muscles and joints. 

What’s the difference between corns, calluses, and warts?

Some people may find it difficult to differentiate between corns, calluses, and warts. Corns and calluses are caused by excess pressure on your feet when walking or standing. Warts, on the other hand, are caused by exposure to a certain strain of human papillomavirus (HPV). 

The virus easily enters the body through small cracks and breaks in the bottoms of your feet. While corns and calluses develop on weight-bearing areas with high friction, warts can grow anywhere on the foot. 

Who gets plantar warts?

Although warts can affect anyone, they’re most common in children and teenagers, as well as people with weakened immune systems. The virus that causes plantar warts thrives in warm, moist environments like public pools and gym locker rooms. 

Many people contract warts from walking barefoot on surfaces exposed to the wart-causing virus. 

What treatments are available for plantar warts?

Treatment depends on the extent of your condition. The specialists at Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia - West Cobb have extensive experience treating warts. Before recommending treatment, your podiatrist performs a simple physical exam to ensure your condition is caused by warts and not a corn, callus, or other foot problem. 

The team offers a number of approaches, including a medical-grade topical treatment that’s much stronger than over-the-counter options. 

In some cases, your warts may require surgical removal. The team offers laser surgical excision that significantly reduces post-op scarring compared with traditional techniques. 


With the right treatment, your doctor can effectively eliminate your unsightly warts. To schedule your visit, call or book online today.

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