A Kennesaw Podiatrist Take on Little Toe Pain (5th Toe)

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That little toe can cause a lot of pain! We have seen many patients in our office who are limping from a painful little toe. If the pain is affecting your daily activities, please reach out to our foot doctors!


Little Toe Problems

The 5th toe an cause pain regardless of age, occupation, or activity level

It is the outermost toe, and therefore will rub on the inside of the toe box of the shoe

If it is turning inwards, it can cause pain on the 5th toe as well

Painful calluses form and continue to form on the toe


Heloma Durum

Dorsal lateral aspect of PIPJ

Assoc. with flexion contracture of PIPJ, extensor contracture of MPJ


Heloma Molle

Proximal and medially between 4/5th toes

Medial aspect of PIPJ of 5th and lateral aspect 4th MPJ


Conservative Treatment of the Little Toe



Shoe changes



Surgical Treatment of the Little Toe

Tenotomy of the toe: releasing a tendon to change the pull on the toe
Arthroplasty of the toe: removing of some of the bone in the toe to allow for proper function
Hemiphalangectomy: removing part of the phalanx (toe bone)
Arthrodesis of the toe: fusing a painful joint in the toe
Amputation of the toe: removing the entire toe
Syndactylization of the toe: attaching the 5th toe to the 4th toe
Skin-plasty of the toe: a plastic surgery technique to rotate the toe with the skin


Reach out to our foot surgeons for help with your painful toe!


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Ryan Goldfine, DPM Dr. Ryan Goldfine is a board certified foot and ankle surgeon. He is a Marietta Podiatrist.

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