Kennesaw Podiatrists

We are very excited to be a part of the West Cobb Community! Both Dr. Shaynah Goldfine and I couldn't be happier with our office location. We are right at the corner of Barrett Parkway and Dallas Highway (I-120).

As we are a couple doors down from the West Cobb Diner, it has been very easy for patients to find us. Since we opened our own office in 2019, everyone in the local community has been very warm and welcoming. 

We were very fortunate to have Comissioner Keli Gambrill and memebrs of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce attend our ribbon cutting ceremony in 2019!

As Podiatrists in Marietta, we have been able to form close relationships with many excellent physicians in the area.

We are both on staff at WellStar Kennestone Hospital, Piedmont Atlanta Hospital, and Piedmont Mountainside Hospital. We perform surgeries at all of the previously mentioned hospitals, as well as surgery centers in the area.

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