Type Of Feet

Foot Shapes

There are various types of foot shapes. Some feet have high arches (pes cavus) and some feet have low arches (pes planus). There are also a few different foot types that some believe correspond to personality. Although not proven, there is a belief that foot shape is correlated to ancestry.


Egyptian Feet

Egyptian feet are characterized by having the first toe (big toe) as the longest, with each toe getting progressively smaller until you get to the fifth toe (baby toe).

Greek Feet

Greek feet are characterized by having the second toe (next to the big toe) as the longest, followed by the fist or third toe in length.

Roman Toes

Roman toes are characterized by having the first (big toe), second, and third toes as the same length. The fourth and fifth toes can possibly be the same length as well, but may be shorter.


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