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What to do with a Broken Ankle?

Ankle Fracture

Worried that you have a broken ankle? Have you been diagnosed with an ankle fracture on x-ray? Don’t despair!

If you are experiencing ankle pain after an ankle injury, seeking help from a foot and ankle surgeon early is of paramount importance. Our office has a state-of-the-art foot and ankle x-ray machine to assist with diagnosing ankle fractures. Our surgeons (Drs. Goldfine) are trained in various foot and ankle surgery techniques.

Is My Ankle Broken?

If you think you might have a broken ankle, do not put any weight on it. If your ankle fracture is non-displaced (the fractured bones have not moved out of alignment), it is possible for us to treat your fracture with a cast and prevent surgery. Applying weight on the fracture can cause the pieces to move.

It is also possible that the ankle injury is actually a sprained or ruptured ligament, which different treatment options are available. There are also some ankle injuries that are not visible on x-ray (such as some osteochondral injuries on the talar bone), for which an MRI or CT are necessary.

Ankle Fracture Surgery

Lateral malleolus fracture? Medial Malleolus Fracture? Bimalleolar fracture? Trimalleolar fracture? Compound ankle fracture? Tibia fracture? Fibula Fracture? Maisonneuve fracture?

If you have never had surgery before, it can be a little intimidating! We strive to provide our patients with a clear understanding of what to expect before, during, and after surgery. Drs. Goldfine make sure that our patients have all of their questions addressed before they head home.

Our ankle surgeons are on staff at multiple surgery centers and hospitals in Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth, and Atlanta. We like to make sure our patients are having surgery where they are most comfortable.

Depending on the fracture, our doctors might recommend the use of certain plates, screws, wires, or frames. We will review everything with you prior to surgery. Sometimes with severe ankle fractures, a fusion of the ankle joint is recommended.

Ankle Fracture Recovery

Our Podiatrists are also trained in biomechanics, which significantly helps in guiding patients through the post-operative course. Depending on the severity of the fracture, our ankle doctors might recommend creating a custom orthotic or AFO. We also work closely with many physical therapy locations that can help with your recovery and regain your strength!

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Ryan Goldfine, DPM Dr. Ryan Goldfine is a board certified foot and ankle surgeon. He is a Marietta Podiatrist.

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