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A Marietta Foot Doctor’s Take on Hammertoes

hammertoe foot doctor

What is a Hammertoe?

A hammertoe can happen to any of the toes of the feet. It occurs when a toe contracts or pulls more than it normally should. As there are changes that occur, it is possible to get pain to the top, bottom, or tip of the affected toes.

What Causes a Hammertoe?

There are multiple possible causes for hammertoes:

How Do I Know if I Have a Hammertoe?

Usually patients with hammertoes will start to notice a contracture (pulling) of the toe in a different direction. There might be any of the following symptoms:

What are Treatment Options for Hammertoes?

Your foot doctor (Podiatrist) will review multiple conservative and surgical treatment options. These might include:

Reach out to Dr. Goldfine or your local Podiatrist (foot doctor) to set up an appointment to evaluate your hammertoes!

Ryan Goldfine, DPM Dr. Ryan Goldfine is a board certified foot and ankle surgeon. He is a Marietta Podiatrist.

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