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Foot callus? Foot Corn? Foot wart?

Callus of foot

What’s the difference between corns, calluses, and warts?

It can be difficult to differentiate between corns, calluses, and warts. Corns and calluses are caused by excess pressure on your feet when walking or standing. Warts, on the other hand, are caused by exposure to a certain strain of human papillomavirus (HPV). 

The virus easily enters the body through small cracks and breaks in the bottoms of your feet. While corns and calluses develop on weight-bearing areas with high friction, warts can grow anywhere on the foot. 

Our Podiatrists are highly trained in multiple conservative and surgical treatment options for warts, corns, and calluses. Depending on the appearance of a lesion, and biopsy might be warranted. An over the counter callus remover might not be the right treatment option for everyone.


Please feel free reach out to our Podiatrists and schedule an appointment.


Ryan Goldfine, DPM Dr. Ryan Goldfine is a board certified foot and ankle surgeon. He is a Marietta Podiatrist.

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